Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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By automating its order processing and warehouse activities, the brand will be able to offer an enhanced post-purchase experience to its customers

Hexagon utilised advanced software and hardware, such as 3D scanning and geospatial mapping, to generate 10.7 billion data points for the landmark's digital representation.

Core features of Intello include integrated AI tools for deeper insights, audio, and video capabilities via WebRTC, and a multi-feature-single window interface for streamlined access to multiple functions.

The global venture capital senses great potential in these sectors as the investment ecosystem moves from being tech-enabled to being more core-tech in nature 

HaiVE's self-hosted assistant ensures unparalleled data privacy and security for AI. By securely hosting the entire system behind clients' firewalls, organisations retain complete control and ownership of intellectual property and customer data

The seasoned UAE bureaucrat and Former UAE Ambassador to Indi can help the construction management SaaS start-up to unlock new multi-fold value

It can offer a real-time view of payments due and leakages with transaction-wise details to manage multi-platform operations

The platform promises to increase efficiency with 40 per cent to 70 per cent automation of services and freeing up their employees’ time for other strategic tasks

It automates workflows and enables growth of hotel businesses, based on a zero upfront or subscription fee revenue model

QNu Labs said that the latest funding will fast-track its product enhancements and market delivery