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His Excellency Dr. AlBanna Joins SaaS Start-Up Zepth’s Advisory Board

The seasoned UAE bureaucrat and Former UAE Ambassador to Indi can help the construction management SaaS start-up to unlock new multi-fold value

His Excellency Dr. AlBanna Joins SaaS Start-Up Zepth’s Advisory Board
His Excellency Dr Ahmed Abdul Rahman AlBanna

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POSTED ON January 17, 2024 7:44 PM

His Excellency Dr Ahmed Abdul Rahman AlBanna has joined the advisory board of Zepth, a global tech start-up and construction management SaaS provider. Former UAE Ambassador to India, he has successfully led key teams and departments in the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dubai Quality Group, and Dubai Rent Committee—organisations critical to UAE’s socioeconomic growth in the past few decades. 

During his tenure as a diplomat in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr AlBanna was instrumental in solidifying bilateral relations with India, acting as the Ambassador and Plenipotentiary. Besides the recent stint as an advisor for the Dubai Expo, he continues to be a board member of leading professional associations and tech start-ups like Zepth. 

“Dr. AlBanna boasts a stellar track record of value creation in public and private sectors, bringing a unique combination of expertise and experience that will benefit Zepth tremendously as it gears up for funding and expansion. Dr AlBanna’s intersectional approach to business, in particular, will help Zepth position its product competitively in the market while staying rooted in its purpose of driving innovation-led sustainability and growth in the construction industry. We are excited to have him on board,” said Prasoon Shrivastava, CEO and founder of Zepth. 

“The decision to join Zepth’s advisory board was rooted in the prospect of exploring new frontiers in construction—an industry I believe can supercharge UAE’s growth. Zepth’s recent AI adoption to induce human-level intelligence in its platform has great implications for people and processes across a project life cycle. I share the Zepth team’s enthusiasm for AI application in construction and all the remarkable outcomes it promises for workers, engineers, real estate owners, and, most importantly, the future occupants,” commented Dr AlBanna.

Zepth recently deployed 40 AI agents to take its platform to an artificial general intelligence (AGI) state and achieve human-level intelligence, which it claimed is a first-of-its-kind endeavour in the Middle East and worldwide. Consistent with Dr AlBanna’s beliefs, the start-up has begun to unlock higher efficiencies and better team collaborations while mitigating risks proactively and promoting paper-free operations. 

Those outcomes will help avoid budget overruns, labour shortages, and project delays, according to Prasoon Shrivastava, who said the arrival of Dr. AlBanna will help Zepth further streamline its offerings and deliver value to customers.  

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