Wednesday, October 04, 2023
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The start-up will meet over 7500 students across 50 educational institutions in 28 Indian states and Nepal. 

In November, 10 teams will be selected by a panel of judges to compete for prizes by pitching their impactful solutions at the Algorand Impact Summit

The collaboration allows Indian Army to create a secure communication ecosystem to facilitate seamless interaction

Business analytics, blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and SEO are top domain skills in demand

Through this collaboration, Zeeve aims to expand the benefits of its automation platform to offer energy web member companies a managed, secure, and scalable service for running RPC and validator nodes on the Energy Web Chain

This partnership aims to simplify the deployment and management of app chains on polygon supernets

Through this campaign, AlgoBharat aims to deploy blockchain-based solutions to empower more climate entrepreneurs and enable better access to carbon credit markets

Building on Ronin will enable the sports-based social gaming platform to have access to Sky Mavis’ battle-tested infrastructure and expand its audience and reach to global Web3 natives

AlgoBharat aims to broaden the Web3 developer base, support Web3 startups, and form strategic partnerships with established organisations to accelerate innovation and adoption of blockchain technology in India

The latest initiative will include a comprehensive agenda to ramp up investment of its resources and innovation in the burgeoning industry