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AlgoBharat Bolsters Indian Presence with Campaign for Sustainable Web3 Solutions

Through this campaign, AlgoBharat aims to deploy blockchain-based solutions to empower more climate entrepreneurs and enable better access to carbon credit markets

AlgoBharat Bolsters Indian Presence with Campaign for Sustainable Web3 Solutions

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POSTED ON April 20, 2023 3:10 PM

AlgoBharat, the India arm of Algorand Foundation, announced the launch of its campaign with the State of Telangana to drive the deployment of blockchain-based solutions that support sustainable practices, including product traceability and transparency and financing for carbon offsetting projects. 

The AlgoBharat team is looking to develop new partnerships for sustainable Web3 solutions across India with the goal of providing rural communities access to carbon markets and empowering their residents to become climate entrepreneurs. 

The initiative seeks to empower farmers and other rural populations to generate and participate in the growing market of sustainable credits.

Carbon and other sustainable credits have historically required significant documentation and complexity to track with traditional methods, making the process unaffordable for many, said AgloBharat, adding that, to tackle this, it is coordinating with ecosystem companies building on Algorand to provide a blockchain-enabled solution that makes it easier to generate verifiably sustainable credits. 

Through its partnership with the State of Telangana, farmers will be able to adopt environmentally friendly practices such as organic farming, agroforestry, crop rotation and solar power harvesting – practices that support carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emission reductions and climate change mitigation.

Blockchain technology ensures transparency, traceability and accountability in the generation of sustainable credits. Farmers, for example, will have the ability to record and verify their sustainable farming practices on the blockchain by creating a trustworthy and immutable record of their efforts. Moreover, they will be empowered to generate verifiable credits that can be traded on carbon markets, creating new revenue streams for the farmers and other populations whose livelihoods are critical to Bharat’s robust economy., explained AlgoBharat.

AlgoBharat is looking forward to collaborations with policymakers and other stakeholders across India to promote the adoption of sustainable practices that will help create an even more climate-resilient Bharat.

“Sustainability is essential for us in Telangana, and we are eager to support the adoption of sustainable practices -- including by our farmers who are such an integral part of our community and are on the front lines of dealing with climate change. We are excited to foster innovative solutions that empower our citizens to earn and create liquidity through carbon credits. By deploying blockchain-based traceability we will enable funding, provide infrastructure to monitor and record sustainable processes, generate credits according to recognized registries, and finally access markets for liquidation and fund realisation. Our solution with Algorand will automate and democratise the process so that even our farmers have access to the same opportunities as large corporations,” observed Jayesh Ranjan, Telangana State Principal Secretary.

“We have a strong commitment at Algorand to drive the use of blockchain for real-world solutions that deliver greater inclusivity. Imagine a world where a farmer in a rural village in India can earn carbon credits for her sustainable practices the same way a commercial landlord can for using energy-efficient light bulbs in a New York City building.  That’s where we are headed, driven by the innovative Web3 solutions being built on Algorand,” added Anil Kakani, Algorand Vice President and India Country Head.

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