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AlgoBharat To Convene Summit To Discuss Blockchain In New Delhi

The summit will host dignitaries from Web3 start-up founders and experts in policy and social impact

AlgoBharat To Convene Summit To Discuss  Blockchain In New Delhi

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POSTED ON November 22, 2023 12:21 PM

AlgoBharat, Algorand Foundation’s India-focused initiative, announced one of the premier blockchain events of the year, the Algorand Impact Summit, being held in New Delhi. India’s significant strides in enhancing the nation’s digital public infrastructure and building the regulatory framework for emerging technologies were celebrated during its G20 presidency. 

Following suit, Algorand Foundation will host policy officials, investors, founders, NGO heads, and business leaders – amongst them, Dr. R. S. Sharma (former civil servant with 3 decades of experience in digital governance and innovation), Staci Warden (global policy leader and CEO, Algorand Foundation), Chetna Gala Sinha (Indian social entrepreneur and CEO, Mann Deshi Women’s Cooperative Bank), Jayson Berryhill (Co-Founder, Wholechain), Benedetto Biondi (CEO, Folks Finance). 

Dr. R.S Sharma, Chair of Algorand Foundation’s India Advisory Committee, said, “Our country has leapfrogged in digital technologies primarily due to our emphasis on creating Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI). The global interest in our DPI approach is a strong testament to our country’s innovative strength. I am confident that the endeavors we are undertaking at AlgoBharat are going to accelerate real-world solutions built using blockchain technology and enable transformative on-ground impact.  This will be evident by the announcements you see at the Algorand Impact Summit.” 

Staci Warden, CEO of Algorand Foundation, said, “The blockchain innovation we are seeing in India is a strong sign of the technology’s promise in helping deliver greater financial inclusion and social equity - goals that I know are consistent with the vision held by India’s leaders for this great democracy. With AlgoBharat, we aim to support India's rise by leading the development of sustainable Web3 solutions. These solutions have the power to transform industries and support more inclusive economic growth.” 

Anil Kakani, VP and India Head of Algorand Foundation said, “It’s been a remarkable year for Algorand in India, and it’s fitting to hold our first-ever Impact Summit here in the world’s largest democracy.  The use cases we’ll showcase at the Summit are a testament to both the Web3 innovation coming out of India and the impactful, real-world solutions being built on the world’s most sustainable blockchain protocol.” 

The Summit will host panel discussions and keynote addresses covering key topics spanning across supply chain transformation to tokenization of real-world assets, and delivering financial services for the next billion to the path to carbon neutrality.  

The Algorand blockchain network is built with an environmental focus and is the world’s first pure proof-of-stake blockchain. It is also the world's first carbon-negative blockchain. By creating a carbon-negative network, Algorand seeks to set the bar for blockchain sustainability.

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