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Sprinklr's New AI+ Unifies Its Proprietary AI With Openai's Generative AI

It leverages more than 1,250 industry-specific AI models, spanning 100+ languages and 150 countries

Sprinklr's New AI+ Unifies Its Proprietary AI With Openai's Generative AI

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POSTED ON May 23, 2023 9:26 PM

Sprinklr, an unified customer experience (CX) management platform, has launched Sprinklr AI+, which unifies its proprietary AI with OpenAI's generative AI. It allows companies to combine unstructured CX data from over 30 digital channels—including social platforms, messaging platforms, and millions of publicly available news, blog, and review sites—with generative AI to create content, improve feedback and assistance, and more quickly identify insights and subsequent actions. 

Sprinklr AI+ incorporates generative AI powered by an integration with the OpenAI enterprise API. "We have seen massive demand for generative AI capabilities to improve customer service and employee efficiency. Sprinklr AI+ brings this transformational technology to the customer experience at the enterprise level and has the potential to revolutionize the front office for our global customers," said Sprinklr Chief Technology Officer Pavitar Singh. "For us, this is the next evolution of our AI journey to help our customers work better, faster, and more cost-effectively while preserving the level of governance, compliance, and data privacy that the most iconic brands in the world require."

Sprinklr is built from the ground up to unify and centralize CX data on one platform. The flexible and modular architecture allows it to leverage over 1,250 industry-specific AI models, spanning 100 languages and 150 countries, to process petabytes of unstructured text, audio, video, images, metrics, and time series data. 

Sprinklr AI+ is currently in a limited availability beta. With generative AI capabilities powered by an enterprise API integration with OpenAI, the company's customers can tap into new features across its four product suites—Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Insights, Sprinklr Marketing and Sprinklr Social.

NewYork-headquartered Sprinklr works with over 1,400 global brands like Microsoft, P&G and Samsung. In June 2021, the CX software maker raised $266 million and was valued at $2.7 billion when it raised financing in 2020, according to data provider PitchBook.

In February 2023, TechCrunch reported that it had laid off roughly 4 per cent of its global workforce—or more than 100 employees—in India, the US and other regions.

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