Thursday, June 13, 2024
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The seasoned UAE bureaucrat and Former UAE Ambassador to Indi can help the construction management SaaS start-up to unlock new multi-fold value

While cold storage could reduce the rotting of the kitchen staple, it may not prove to be a sustainable solution due to a lack of economic viability

Over the last few year technologies like drone-assisted crop monitoring, blockchain-based supply chain management, and AI-driven predictive analytics are revolutionising farming practices

With evolving deep fake scams, ransomware tactics and AI-directed cyberattacks targeting public figures and professionals alike, the intersection of AI and cyber security takes centre stage for organisations wanting to stay in the right lane of the digital...

It gives the company access informative courses through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, preferred pricing on NVIDIA hardware and software, cloud credits and technological assistance

The study reveals only 26 per cent of organisations in India are fully prepared to deploy and leverage AI, with 75 per cent admitting serious concerns about the impact to business if they fail to act within 12 months

They go beyond simply improving communication and tailoring customer experiences; they’re actively moulding the ethical framework of technology

The AI Venture Factory is also looking to incubate 15 start-ups by FY 2024

Slack’s global research reveals that India has the highest number of problem solvers who are drawn to tools like AI that will help them and their colleagues fast track processes and streamline workflows

A diverse workforce brings together a variety of perspectives, leading to innovation and improved decision-making. AI can play a crucial role in enhancing diversity