Friday, March 24, 2023
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The AI-powered algorithms used by the centre will ensure accurate vehicle valuation, the company said

Writesonic is designed to simplify content creation and enhance communication

Humane INC has collaborated with OpenAI to integrate the latter’s AI technology

The social worker returned frequently with referrals to mental health programs, violence prevention programs, job training programs, and so forth. The police also returned frequently – to remind him that he was being watched

Technologies like AI, ML and data analytics offer insure-techs real time visibility into customer lifecycles, helping them identify potential risks and devise customised offerings based on a user's policy history

The MIF recognises disruptive ideas through personalised business mentorship, strategic business direction, and access to partner networks and industry leaders

The made-in-India device is non-invasive blood glucose monitoring health-tech gadget which helps to measure six key body vitals

The incident highlights the potential misuse of AI technology and the need for ethical considerations and responsible use

Acquisition to accelerate Rockwell’s delivery of Industrial AI solutions to manufacturers globally

With this investment, the company is eying to expand its team and is keen to onboard talent in tech, sales and marketing divisions