Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Artificial Intelligence

When evaluating an AI or GenAI-enabled investment pitch, she does not focus solely on the technological performance, but rather on assessing the investment proposition that utilizes this technology to enhance business wisdom and expedite operations

The hackathon, aimed at democratising AI development through no-code tools, attracted remarkable participation from diverse demographics.

Nasscom-BCG report observed that the investments in AI have seen a 24 per cent CAGR since 2019, with 2023 seeing close to $ 83 billion investment.

Facilitated by experts with access to Samsung Innovation Campus content in the domains of AI and IoT, this initiative will focus on instructor-led training for undergraduate students pursuing BE and B.Tech degrees.

Bloomberg reported that the investment firm plans to invest a total of $100 billion, with $30 billion originating from the firm itself and the remaining $70 billion from institutions in the Middle East.

Hexagon utilised advanced software and hardware, such as 3D scanning and geospatial mapping, to generate 10.7 billion data points for the landmark's digital representation.

During this recent trip to India, the tech major’s CEO highlighted the opportunity for an AI-empowered India

While cold storage could reduce the rotting of the kitchen staple, it may not prove to be a sustainable solution due to a lack of economic viability

The collaboration responds to the growing demand for skilled professionals for manufacturing entities looking to accelerate digital transformation towards the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies

The Immerso AI Park will feature an AI university and an AI data center and it will also create a specific zone for international deep technology and generative AI start-ups