Saturday, May 18, 2024
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The center will concentrate on crucial business objectives, including innovation, customisation, digitisation, and creating a space for developing and validating solutions on-site to replicate real-world challenges

IG Drones offers high-precision drone surveying, mapping, and inspection solutions for diverse industries

The contribution will help accelerate IIT Bombay's growth and contribute to our shared vision of excellence

Udaan is undergoing a business restructuring, transitioning from a nationwide focus to a cluster model. This transition has impacted the existing workforce of the company

This event also commemorated 50 years of diplomatic ties between South Korea and India

Tango AI technology analyses CCTV recordings of stores to give analytics, optimise customer flow as well and ensure proper adherence to all processes

WISER report observes that women-led start-ups have been found to perform better at promoting gender parity at work, in addition to having a higher percentage of women in leadership roles within the companies

The company intends to use the fund to deepen its market presence across various retailer marketplaces and OEM ecosystems

The report reveals that the Indian start-up ecosystem faced a challenging first half of 2023 as funding experienced a significant decline

He said the pro-business reforms unleashed by the central government in the last nine years are laying a strong foundation for New India