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The Circle FC Concludes Second Cohort Of K-Startup Centre India With Grand Demo Day

This event also commemorated 50 years of diplomatic ties between South Korea and India

The Circle FC Concludes Second Cohort Of K-Startup Centre India With Grand Demo Day
Korea Startup Centre (KSC) DEMO DAY
POSTED ON December 11, 2023 5:43 PM

The Circle: Founders Club (The Circle FC) successfully supported the second cohort of South Korean start-ups, showcasing innovation across health tech, HR tech, SaaS, and travel tech.  

Diverse Founders Highlight Achievements, Including UNWTO Recognition for Nomad Her and McKinley Rice's Background Verification Solution. LabSD, Inc. Stands Out as a Social Enterprise, Leveraging AI and Recycled Smartphones for Global Health Solutions    

During the 4-month program, the start-ups signed 18 MoUs, went through 500+ hours of mentoring, more than 200+ one-on-one meetings, registered 7 companies, set up local offices, and participated in 10+ top-tier events such as NASSCOM Engineering and Design Summit, World Dental Show (Mumbai), Medical (Delhi), AOMSI (Delhi) and various other ecosystem meet-ups. The in-person demo day was held at The Circle. 

Rajiv Bathla, CEO of The Circle said "The KSC India 2023 Demo Day was not just a showcase of innovation; but a celebration of the enduring collaboration between South Korea and India. These start-ups exemplified the spirit of entrepreneurship that knows no borders, and today, we witness the convergence of vision and opportunity on this stage." 

"As India is poised to become the 3rd largest economy by 2030, the coming years are going to bring the golden era of cross-border collaboration and partnership for innovation and sustainable growth. At The Circle FC, we're not just fostering businesses; we're building an ecosystem that strengthens ties, fosters cross-cultural understanding and propels the shared vision of global entrepreneurship," added Nemesisa Ujjain, VP - Innovation, The Circle FC. 

The K-Startup Centre (KSC), a start-up support program initiated by the Korea Institute of Start-ups and entrepreneurship Development (KISED) under the Ministry of SMEs and start-ups, has partnered with The Circle FC for the second consecutive year to organise this initiative. The KSC program is run across 8 countries including India, USA, France, Israel, Vietnam, Singapore, Finland, and Sweden. 

As the accelerator partner in India, The Circle FC has provided a thriving ecosystem for learning, peer knowledge exchange, hands-on assistance, and network building for entrepreneurs. They have helped these companies comprehend the dynamic Indian market, understand the competitive landscape, as well as how to navigate the regulatory, tax, and legal environment. They organised deep dive sessions to discuss hiring and local human resource practices for their current and future recruitment needs.

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