Monday, May 29, 2023
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The firm aims to use the capital to launch new categories and product capabilities, further enhance the product and technology teams and expand its presence in existing markets

Raiaskaran and Orangutan have come together to pursue their shared passion of serving the audience with premium quality content via luxury infrastructure

Furthermore, recent events in the global financial world, including the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the contagion spreading to other mid-market US banks, have contributed to the overall uncertainty in India's office leasing demand, it added

Located in Baner, the workspace spans over 92,000 square feet and marks WeWork India's third transaction with real estate developer Panchshil Realty

Gruhas ASPIRE will make strategic investments and enable scale and market access for cohort start-ups

Domestic investors were significantly more active in FY23, with investment value increasing by 50 per cent in FY23 ($0.9 billion) over FY22 ($0.6 billion)

The investment will help Kanjiravelil Traders Private Limited expand its operations, increase its market share and invest in machinery to produce high-quality nutmeg for the domestic and international markets

The platform has reportedly facilitated over 1750 deals of Rs 1375 crore, working with more than 15 developers across 30 projects in the last 15 months

The company bagged $1.6 million in equity and $2.0 million in callable mezzanine debt for co-investing into real assets

The Non Banking Financial Companies aka NBFCs have emerged as a crucial source of credit for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), micro-enterprises and the informal sector in India as they have filled the gap left by traditional banks, which have been...