Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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If small businesses have to live in uncertainty not knowing when and how the next strike will come, it perversely incentivizes them to stay small, for they can sense that growing big will attract undesirable attention

CEO Ankit Wadhwa and CTO Sunny Bhanot were reportedly asked to leave by the board

Last month, Grover announced its plans to "get some work done in 2023" and unveiled details about the his new venture, Third Unicorn, through a LinkedIn post

The start-up plans to use the funds to strengthen the community, build new products and primarily scale up the engineering and product teams for product development

Pant is the brand ambassador of several companies, including lifestyle brands Noise and boAt, NFT platform Rario and fantasy sports platform Dream11

The investment company will primarily back enterprise start-ups in India amid a lower-valuation environment