Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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FlowWise enhances the security of the payments system, by eliminating risks such as data leaks as claimed by the company

Exporters can provide their foreign clientele with the specifics of their worldwide collection account by using Cashfree Payments' collections solution

By enhancing customer acquisition and supporting client retention, the solution enables subscription-based businesses to facilitate rapid growth

Users will be able to get interest-free credit up to Rs 60,000 to pay at over 20,000 online merchants

Cashfree's co-founder and CEO, Akash Sinha, explains how its latest acquisition Zecpe will help D2C merchants avoid returns, have higher conversions and ensure higher customer retention

A major chunk of the impacted staff are from the fintech's marketing and operations departments

Razorpay said it is a temporary move and has no impact on Razorpay's existing business operations and current merchants

On Friday, the government agency conducted raids in six locations of online payment companies Razorpay, Paytm, and Cashfree in Bengaluru, as part of an ongoing investigation regarding the illegal instant smartphone-based loans 'controlled' by Chinese persons

The federal probe agency said it has seized Rs 17 crore worth funds kept in "merchant IDs and bank accounts of these Chinese persons-controlled entities", during the raids