Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Nasscom-BCG report observed that the investments in AI have seen a 24 per cent CAGR since 2019, with 2023 seeing close to $ 83 billion investment.

Hexagon utilised advanced software and hardware, such as 3D scanning and geospatial mapping, to generate 10.7 billion data points for the landmark's digital representation.

The Cisco 2024 Data Privacy Benchmark Study reveals that most organisations are limiting the use of GenAI over data privacy and security issues. 27 per cent banned its use, at least temporarily.

RagaAI is a true multimodal platform that supports LLMs, images/videos, 3D, audio, NLP, and structured data and reduces 90 per cent of the risks while accelerating AI development

The Immerso AI Park will feature an AI university and an AI data center and it will also create a specific zone for international deep technology and generative AI start-ups

These studios will facilitate clients with data and AI experts from Accenture, ecosystem partners, ventures, and other strategic investments

A 40-acre land parcel owned by the IT and Electronics Department in Lucknow's Nadarganj industrial area has been identified as a potential development site for AI City

The Nasscom report observes that the majority of businesses across key industries are progressing to achieve satisfactory levels of RAI maturity

The advisory mandates that intermediaries such as WhatsApp, Facebook, X, and others- communicate prohibited content specified under IT Rules clearly and precisely to users

It can reshape recruitment, from enhanced candidate sourcing and skill matching, reducing bias for diverse teams, streamlined talent acquisition with predictive analytics, to improving the candidate experience through intelligent automation