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Gujarat government, Eros Investment Group Launch AI Park and AI University

The Immerso AI Park will feature an AI university and an AI data center and it will also create a specific zone for international deep technology and generative AI start-ups

Gujarat government, Eros Investment Group Launch AI Park and AI University

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POSTED ON January 11, 2024 11:47 AM

Eros Investments announced the launch of Immerso AI Park in partnership with the Government of Gujarat.  

The strategy of the Immerso AI Park will be built on the foundation of Ethical AI with the largest archive of licensed training data and tokens from the Eros Investment Group and other partners in the world to promote the use of intellectual property in the development of Generative AI models. These foundation models will be built across industry verticals, to be used by academia, start-up ecosystem, and large-scale enterprise technology companies to further the Digital India charter.

The Immerso AI Park will feature: 

  • Immerso AI University: This will provide a full-fledged curriculum for Generative AI and Deep Technology, along with diploma courses for existing professionals to upscale their learnings.  
  • Immerso AI Data Center: This data center, along with strategic partners, will become the best-in-class cloud architecture and infrastructure for companies to be able to run high fidelity technology across generative AI, gaming, IOT and extended reality. 
  • The Immerso AI Park will also create a specific zone and opportunity for international deep technology and generative AI start-ups to incubate for purposes of research and training and provide significant opportunities for growth and collaboration. 

Sharing his thoughts at the launch, Ali Hussein, chief executive officer of Immerso AI noted, “India is ready for the next surge of digital revolution, the right infrastructure and academia will be instrumental to support this growth, we cherish the vision of Digital India and are excited to partner with the Government of Gujarat to drive scale and innovation and support enterprise and skill development in the state.” 

Principal Secretary, IAS - Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat, Mona Khandar shared, “Deep Technology and Generative AI will be the foundation of the industry going forward and the Department of Science and Technology in Gujarat is going to pave the path for this growth not only for Indian enterprises but for global technology companies. Our strategic partnership with Eros Investment is the foundation of this architecture to develop this ecosystem.” 

Eros Investments is a venture with assets in media, sports, blockchain, digital commerce, and gaming. Its portfolio companies include Eros Now, Xfinite, Immerso, and Immerso AI.  

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