Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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The agri-produce startup will use the funds to boost visibility, expand distribution, and enhance production capacity

While cold storage could reduce the rotting of the kitchen staple, it may not prove to be a sustainable solution due to a lack of economic viability

Indigro Capital will focus on directing funds toward transformative projects, entities, and start-ups within the agricultural and environmental impact sector

E-Feed aims to empower farmers with cost-effective solutions specifically tailored to enhance the well-being and productivity of cattle

Over the last few year technologies like drone-assisted crop monitoring, blockchain-based supply chain management, and AI-driven predictive analytics are revolutionising farming practices

He will enhance the scope and engagement with both partners, develop and implement impactful programs to achieve shared goals and establish effective communication channels to nurture productive and mutually beneficial relationships

KiVi has seen early validation of its offerings with 80 per cent of customers enjoying agri-specific loans for the first time, 60 per cent experiencing an increase in their income, and a net promoter score of 77

This marks Omnivore’s third exit in just over a year

India Accelerator envisions creating a combined valuation of $5 billion for its start-ups by the end of 2025

It will attempt to employ one farmer for every two additional acres of land acquired, thus creating regular employment opportunities