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Zetta Farms Launches Indigro Capital: Rs 200 Crore Fund for Impact Investments in Sustainable Agriculture

Indigro Capital will focus on directing funds toward transformative projects, entities, and start-ups within the agricultural and environmental impact sector

Zetta Farms Launches Indigro Capital: Rs 200 Crore Fund for Impact Investments in Sustainable Agriculture
POSTED ON January 16, 2024 6:39 PM

The Gurugram-based Zetta Farms which is known for its measures towards formalising the farm sector has announced the launch of Indigro Capital, a Rs 200 crore fund dedicated to catalysing impact investments, the company said in a statement. 

This strategic move aligns with the principles of private equity on a smaller scale, aiming to expedite returns on investments through swift operational efficacy and strategic integrations within a year, akin to the ethos of a PE Fund, it added 

“Indigro Capital sets its focus on directing funds towards transformative projects, entities, and startups within India's burgeoning agricultural and environmental impact sector. Standing at the crossroads of profitability and purpose, the fund envisions a landscape where sustainability and innovation intersect,” the statement added. 

Rituraj Sharma, co-founder of Zetta Farms, affirms, "Indigro Capital represents the convergence of agricultural acumen and astute investment strategies, a testament to our accumulated wisdom spanning decades. Beyond financial gains, our commitment resonates in nurturing ecosystems and fostering sustainable practices. It's a fusion of purpose and profitability, driving transformative change while delivering swift returns." 

Indigro Capital, backed by an additional green shoe option of Rs 100 crore, will commence its domestic investment journey from GIFT City. Simultaneously, the firm will chart its strategic expansion roadmap, setting sights on exerting influence across South-East Asia and African regions, the company said. 

Established in 2014, Zetta Farms strives for sustainable farming practices of various crops, utilising a blend of agricultural expertise and business intelligence, driven by a series of innovations.  

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