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Zetta Farms Unveils Zetta Rozgaar Yojna

It will attempt to employ one farmer for every two additional acres of land acquired, thus creating regular employment opportunities

Zetta Farms Unveils Zetta Rozgaar Yojna

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POSTED ON August 15, 2023 5:03 PM

Zetta Farms, which offers sustainable and organised practices to the agriculture sector, has launched Zetta Rozgaar Yojna. The scheme's core principle is to provide meaningful employment opportunities to farmers, thereby fostering economic growth and prosperity. 

Under this initiative, Zetta Farms has pledged to employ one farmer for every two additional acres of land acquired, thus creating regular employment opportunities for those vital to the agricultural ecosystem. Zetta Farms would offer each associated farmer an assured monthly income without dependency on farm yields. 

The scheme incorporates other features, including introducing a pension fund exclusively designed for farmers. Zetta Farms claims this will make it the first private entity to extend such a benefit to the farming community. 

In addition to the pension fund, Zetta Rozgaar Yojna will also offer an insurance plan that safeguards farmers against unforeseen challenges that can impact their livelihoods. The program went live on 15th August to celebrate the spirit of empowerment and progress. 

Rituraj Sharma, co-founder of Zetta Farms, said, "We hope to create a lasting mindset shift when addressing the farm community. With Zetta Rozgaar Yojna, we are proud to take a step towards transforming their lives by providing them with not only employment opportunities but also holistic benefits that have never been offered by a private entity before. This Independence Day, we are excited to launch a program embodying self-reliance and empowerment."

Founded in 2014 by agripreneur Rituraj Sharma and Krishna Joshi, Zetta Farms is a technology-driven and process-oriented farm project specialising in sustainable farming of diverse crops. It aims to contribute to reviving the agricultural economy and global food sustainability through agricultural practices. Its projects include open-field farming, protected farming, and fruit orchard management, all of which focus on delivering high-quality produce while ensuring the soil's long-term health. 

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