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Zomato Standardises on New Relic

With New Relic, the Zomato engineering teams can be proactive in fixing issues quickly across its infrastructure, applications and services

Zomato Standardises on New Relic

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POSTED ON May 04, 2023 10:51 AM

New Relic, an observability platform for engineer, announced that Zomato, a restaurant discovery, food ordering and delivery platform in India, has standardised on New Relic. By adopting New Relic, Zomato aims to ensure high performance and reliability across its 17.4 million monthly transacting customers and 330,000 active restaurant partners in approximately 1,000 Indian cities.

Zomato previously relied on a number of open-source tools before making the decision to incorporate the New Relic observability platform into its strategy. With New Relic, the Zomato engineering teams can be proactive in fixing issues quickly across its infrastructure, applications and services. 

“The key value drivers for Zomato are uptime, performance and reliability, innovation and growth and operational efficiency—all of which New Relic excels at delivering,” said Zomato Head of Site Reliability Engineering Shrey Sinha. 

“We are confident that New Relic’s data-driven approach will enable us to connect people with processes and technology performance across the entire organization and improve business outcomes in the long term. We are excited to embark on the next phase of growth with New Relic,” he added.

With its advanced capabilities and ease of use, New Relic is quickly becoming the observability platform of choice for leading companies around the world. Zomato’s implementations and benefits include such as lower investigation time, lower resolution time, reduction in alert noise, improving business-level reporting and more.  

“Food tech platforms are rapidly growing segments globally. As a result, aggregators are increasingly working to maintain the stability of their platforms to scale their customer base exponentially. This is where New Relic can offer Zomato a competitive advantage through improved uptime and reliability,” said New Relic General Manager Enterprise Business, India Vidhur Bhagat. 

“Zomato is a long-time New Relic user, so the teams are familiar with using the platform to get deeper insights. The expanded scope of our association will mean Zomato can safely scale without impacting the customer experience at any stage,” he further explained.

The New Relic observability platform democratises data beyond the typical backend users, making it available to groups such as customer service, support, product, sales, marketing and business executives. Having this data front and center is a powerful motivator for teams. It empowers organisations to effectively visualize the relationships among developers, operations, and customers with a curated business performance dashboard that gives teams an overview of how users are experiencing their app. Knowing how customers use or abandon applications and services helps brands improve infrastructure and adjust strategy.

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