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In Her New Avatar As Kalaari Capital’s Venture Partner Priyanka Gill Will Promote Women Entrepreneurs

In addition to encouraging more female founders to enter the start-up ecosystem, she will also oversee the investment firm’s D2C companies

In Her New Avatar As Kalaari Capital’s Venture Partner Priyanka Gill Will Promote Women Entrepreneurs
Priyanka Gill, founder, The Good Glamm Group
POSTED ON January 31, 2024 1:21 PM

Priyanka Gill, co-founder of The Good Glamm Group, has stepped down from her active role in the daily operations of the startup and has joined the early-stage venture capital firm Kalaari Capital as a venture partner. She is already a founding board member of Kalaari’s CXXO initiative, which is dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs.

Gill will have a seat on The Good Glamm Group’s board, serving as its chairperson. The company initiated this transition 12 months ago.

In an exclusive conservation with Outlook Start-Up, Gill said, “I'm still very connected to the group, and I'll primarily be advising on strategic matters. It's not a complete departure; I'm transitioning into a more strategic role rather than an operational one since the team and processes are well-established.” 

At Kalaari Capital, she will work alongside the company’s founder and managing director, Vani Kola—whom she calls her first institutional investor and mentor—to encourage more female founders to enter the start-up ecosystem. Gill will also oversee the VC’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) portfolio of companies. 

Notably, Kalaari Capital invested early in two of Gill's women-focused digital media start-ups, POPxo, and The Good Glamm Group. Following POPxo’s acquisition by The Good Glamm Group in 2020, she became a co-founder alongside Darpan Sanghvi and took charge of the startup's media and content division.

“We had an incredible opportunity at Good Glamm Group, acquiring more than 10 companies. Integration, even for a single company, comes with its challenges. The fact that we successfully navigated through 10 acquisitions is a significant accomplishment for us,” Gill recalled. 

Gill founded POPxo in 2013, two years before Naiyya Saggi founded BabyChakra. Sanghvi launched MyGlamm in 2017 and the trio joined forces in September 2021 to form the Good Glamm Group. A month later, they added The Moms Co to the portfolio. In November 2021, the group entered the unicorn club after raising $150 million in a Series D round led by Prosus Ventures and Warburg Pincus. 

The Good Glamm Group currently operates four verticals—The Good Brands Co D2C beauty brands, The Good Media Co digital content channel, The Good Creator Co tech-enabled influencer platform and The Good Community.

The company generated Rs 49.3 crore revenue in FY21, which rose to Rs 220 crore in FY22 and to Rs 640 crore in FY23. This signals an overall growth of 270% between FY22 and FY23, which its D2C brands majorly powered. 

While FY21 was characterized by acquisitions, the following year saw the company focus on implementing processes, consolidation, and structural enhancements. It was aiming to achieve profitability as an enterprise, which would help it lay the groundwork for going public by 2025.

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