Thursday, June 13, 2024
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The global venture capital senses great potential in these sectors as the investment ecosystem moves from being tech-enabled to being more core-tech in nature 

EzeCheck, a hemoglobin screening device developed by the startup, has been widely adopted by the government across the state

CureBay has connected over 100,000 patients in under-served areas with healthcare providers through its tech-based model

The report observed that private equity firms like Advent International, Carlyle, and PAG are actively capitalising on India's healthcare growth

Larkai Healthcare aims to develop the next generation of technology in healthcare and to fortify and amplify its sales verticals through strategic investments

As healthcare broadens its horizons to encompass cosmetic procedures and wellness, the imperative to enhance affordability becomes paramount for landscape expansion

Co-founder and CEO Shashank ND said that the company is planning to enhance its presence in smaller cities and towns

The MediBuddy plan will be offered to all ABHFL customers through their portal as a default offering

eKure offers a wide array of healthcare services, including medical consultations, hospitalisation, preventive care, and more, ensuring comprehensive well-being

Backed by this capital infusion, it hopes to increase its bed capacity to 2300 by 2027