Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Agility Ventures

On the inaugural day, Start-up Odisha will formalise strategic partnerships by signing MoUs with investment firms like Equanimity Ventures and Sanchi Connect

ZEVO will utilise the fund to expand its fleet of electric vehicles to 1000 3W & 4W. Last-mile delivery and integrated logistics will also be in focus

Continuously raising funds, being top-heavy in terms of talent and unable to generate enough revenues to meet costs, these start-ups are spooking investors with their inability to justify their valuation

Some start-ups that received interest at the expo include BattRe, Kidbea, Brainwired, Fixigo, Glamyo Health and Marj Tech

The promoters intend to use the capital to boost marketing efforts, expand their team and improve R&D activities within the Indian kidswear market