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Xaigi Helps Start-ups Design and Implement AI Business Strategies: Report

Xaigi operates using a cash+equity business model, charging a specific amount of cash and the remainder in equity to align incentives with clients' success, and is presently working with three start-ups to develop their businesses

Xaigi Helps Start-ups Design and Implement AI Business Strategies: Report

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POSTED ON March 14, 2023 2:04 PM

Xaigi, an artificial intelligence (AI) consulting firm, has been founded to assist start-ups in designing and implementing AI business strategies, Entrackr reported. Tarun Tyagi, the company's founder and chief executive officer (CEO), observed that AI is on the verge of revolutionising the market and decided to merge his experience working on tech platforms with his market observation. 

Xaigi is an AI consulting firm that assists companies in defining and designing their AI business strategy, developing suitable solutions and scaling their technology. It identifies issues that start-ups face and helps navigate through the complexities of AI development and implementation.

It is a cost-effective way for start-up clients to use the company's services since its only source of revenue is its consulting services. It employs a cash+equity business model, charging clients a specific amount of cash and the remainder in equity, which aligns its incentives with clients' success, allowing the firm to invest in its work for the long term. This revenue model is mostly used for start-ups that Xaigi collaborates with for an extended period.

The company is presently working with three start-ups on developing their businesses, with its services focused in the European, Middle Eastern, and North American markets. Xaigi generated $650,000 in revenue for the fiscal year 2023 and $350,000 in FY22, with a current monthly run rate of $50,000.

Tyagi claims that Xaigi will see a revenue close of $1 million and has no plans to seek funding, as the company is bootstrapped and running profitably. The Delhi-based firm intends to expand its operations to encompass both start-ups and enterprises. It also aims to strengthen its sales team to increase business scale. In addition, the firm plans to develop and introduce its own products into the Indian market, which will concentrate on addressing the daily problems encountered by the country's manufacturing and agricultural industries.

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