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POD World Unveils 'PitchPager' SaaS Tool to Empower Entrepreneurs

The recently released SaaS application enables startups to streamline and improve their pitching process

POD World Unveils 'PitchPager' SaaS Tool to Empower Entrepreneurs
POSTED ON August 16, 2023 9:42 PM

POD World, a company that provides tech-based start-ups to get funds, has announced to launch its new SaaS tool called PitchPager. The tool makes the business presentation easier, offering a concise and visually captivating OnePage format that enhances investor engagement and interest.   

Founders invest considerable time, energy, and resources into creating impactful pitches. However, the limitations of text-based pitches often result in lacklustre responses from potential investors. the tool addresses this challenge head-on, offering founders a convenient solution. By inputting their business data, entrepreneurs can effortlessly generate a compelling one-page pitch ready to be shared with investors at the click of a button. This tool streamlines the pitching process and significantly enhances the likelihood of capturing investor interest, said the company. 

The tool offers features such as a user-friendly interface, comprehensive metric capture, customization options, tracking of views, and more.  "We are thrilled to introduce PitchPager to the entrepreneurial community," said the release.  

Talking about the new tool, Vittal Ramakrishna, founder and CEO of POD World said, "We understand the challenges that founders face when trying to capture investor attention. With PitchPager, our goal is to empower entrepreneurs by providing them with a powerful tool that simplifies and elevates their pitching experience." 

The tool in its beta version generated significant traction with the enhanced version of the tool amassing over 4,000 downloads. The company facilitates tech-based start-ups to raise funds with the help of its network of over 5000 investors. Start-ups have to get registered on the platform and apply for fundraising.

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