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One Million Indian Social Media Creators To Earn Over $500 Monthly Within Three Years: Animeta Report

The report also revealed that the annualised growth rate for India is over 115% for individual creators as compared to the global growth rate of 18 per cent

One Million Indian Social Media Creators To Earn Over $500 Monthly Within Three Years: Animeta Report
Anish Mehta, founder of Animeta

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POSTED ON April 22, 2023 1:41 PM

Singapore-based creator tech company Animeta published its first creator economy insights report to commemorate International Creator’s Day.

It has claimed in a statement that the creator economy has been a topic of interest for the entire world and there are many statistics that are often discussed. While every creator is a creator out of passion, a large chunk creates content as a hobby. 

The company's research report has focussed on that portion of the creators who approach this space as a passion as well as a profession. The report has stated that the global growth rate of individual creators is 18 per cent, while the annualised growth rate for India is over 115 per cent. It has also claimed that in three years, one million creators in India would have at least 10 million subscribers growing at 37 per cent at an annualised level, which will allow them to have a steady digital income at par with a well-paying full-time job. 

As per the report, more than 3500 brands and 5000 creator partners in India are actively engaged in digital creator-driven branded content. Around 20000 branded content pieces have generated over half a billion engagements.

“All signs are pointing towards the trend that the Indian creator economy will become the most significant growth contributor to the global creator economy in the next couple of years. We are very bullish about this space and Animeta’s tech product will revolutionise the lives of millions of creators and become the real game changer in the industry, particularly in the sponsored/branded content space”, said Devdatta Potnis, CEO  of Animeta.

“Sponsored content space is getting more organised and performance marketing metrics usage is on the rise in a cost-conscious market, where the rules of business and marketing are getting rewritten overnight. These encouraging, cost-efficiency driving trends are therefore making the creator economy more attractive”, added Krishna Desai, CPO and Data Scientist, Animeta.

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