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L&T Technology Services To Partner With Google Cloud To Develop DevX Platform

It will use Google Cloud’s generative AI technology and tools to create its comprehensive API Hub

L&T Technology Services To Partner With Google Cloud To Develop DevX Platform

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POSTED ON November 08, 2023 10:40 AM

L&T Technology Services, a global digital engineering and R&D services company, has collaborated with Google Cloud to harness the power of its generative AI (gen AI) technology and tools for the development of its LTTS Developer Experience Platform, known as DevX. A platform for engineering services, LTTS DevX serves as a unified destination for API-enabled solutions across major industries from the company and its ecosystem partners. 

The collaboration will facilitate the creation of an expansive API catalogue and experience, redefining how customers interact with LTTS’ digital offerings. Both organisations will work in tandem to shape LTTS’ DevX framework and seamlessly integrate Google Cloud's gen AI components into the overall architecture.

LTTS has multiple objectives for the alliance. Firstly, it aims to expand the mindshare among developers globally, positioning DevX as a go-to platform for engineering solutions. 

Secondly, it seeks to enhance consumption by streamlining the discovery and implementation of LTTS’ solutions and services for end-users, ultimately resulting in higher customer satisfaction. The collaboration also aims to deepen developer engagement with content by creating a ‘developer playground’ experience and extending it with API discovery and accelerators.

The rollout will unfold in two distinct phases. In the initial phase, LTTS will combine its expertise with Google Cloud for the development of DevX, focusing on select use cases, including automating the process of generating test cases from requirement documents, thus streamlining the development workflow, expediting the unit test case generation process by integrating gen AI into the development code; and automating code generation, thereby significantly reducing manual efforts and boosting development efficiency.

Building on the success of this phase, LTTS and Google Cloud will take the next leap by creating a custom-gen AI platform seamlessly integrated into the overarching LTTS DevX ecosystem. This advanced platform will empower developers with even more sophisticated AI-driven capabilities.

LTTS’s track record of AI-enabled digital transformation solutions like Chest-rAi and AiKno for the medical, industrial and transportation sectors. Cognitive Meta Data extraction modules from its AiKno platform automate the tedious task of digitalising physical data, thereby greatly improving efficiencies and significantly reducing the time taken for manual digitalisation. 

The LTTS API Hub, developed using Google Cloud’s offerings, including Vertex AI, will help enhance operational efficiencies and capabilities for end customers worldwide. Vertex AI combines data engineering, data science, and ML engineering workflows, enabling global engineering teams to collaborate using a common toolset and scale myriad applications using the benefits of Google Cloud.

The collaboration aims to address complex challenges, such as generating test cases from unstructured data sources.

“We are excited to join forces with Google Cloud to unlock new dimensions of AI-led innovation,” stated Abhishek Sinha, chief operating officer and member of the board at L&T Technology Services. “This partnership not only propels us closer to our gen AI goals but also cements our commitment to revolutionising engineering and digital solutions for the benefit of multiple industries. As LTTS and Google Cloud embark on this transformative journey, the engineering landscape stands on the cusp of a new era. With the power of AI-driven innovation at the forefront, the future promises unparalleled possibilities for industries worldwide.”

“Google Cloud is committed to providing the industry’s most open cloud and helping customers accelerate their digital transformations,” said Chandra Sankholkar, director of partnerships of Google Cloud. “Through this new partnership, LTTS will use Google Cloud’s infrastructure to power new capabilities that can improve operations and create real-world value for businesses.”

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