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GoDaddy Lays Off 8% Of Its Workforce

GoDaddy offered transition packages to the impacted employees

GoDaddy Lays Off 8% Of Its Workforce

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POSTED ON February 13, 2023 11:13 AM

United States (US)-based start-up GoDaddy has laid off nearly eight per cent of its entire workforce. In an internal email, the chief executive officer (CEO) Aman Bhutani cited the economic headwinds as the primary reason behind the layoffs. 

“Within the next hour, impacted team members will receive a meeting invite from their leadership to learn the details of their transition, aligned with the local alignment processes,” he wrote in the email.

Multiple media reports stated that nearly 500 employees were impacted due to the decision. Most of them were working from the US office. 

As per the norms in the United States, the company offered transition packages to the affected staff. 

Bhutani also said that these layoffs would help the company to integrate three companies Media Temple, Main Street Hub and 123 Reg into GoDaddy. 

Last Year, nearly 1,50,000 employees lost their jobs in the global tech space. Big tech giants like Meta, Twitter and others were seen to cut down employee numbers amid the global economic headwinds. After the acrimonious takeover by the maverick billionaire, Elon Musk, Twitter fired 7,500 employees. Meta also laid off 13 per cent of its entire workforce. 

This year has also not offered any difference. Amazon joined the layoff bandwagon in January after announcing that it would fire 18,000 staff. It was followed by Google and Microsoft, which terminated 12,000 and 10,000 respectively.  Prior to GoDaddy, TikTok and Zoom also laid off their employees. 

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