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Tech Professionals In India Most Inclined To Continue In Their Current Roles: Indeed Report

Indeed’s data shows that the technology sector has the lowest share of out-clicks, or clicks on jobs outside their current sector, by jobseekers at 38 per cent

Tech Professionals In India Most Inclined To Continue In Their Current Roles: Indeed Report
POSTED ON June 15, 2023 5:58 PM

Job site Indeed has released new data highlighting the job roles that Indian workers are least likely to leave. The analysis reveals that technology and food industry workers demonstrate remarkable career loyalty.

Career changes are common among professionals, driven by various factors such as higher pay, flexibility, career advancement, or less favorable circumstances like burnout or redundancy. However, specific jobs inspire greater loyalty or prove more difficult to leave. 

Indeed's analysis of resume data provides insights into the career preferences of Indian professionals, shedding light on sectors and job roles that foster loyalty and the aspirations of those seeking career changes.

Jobs People Don’t Want To Leave

Indeed’s data shows that the technology sector stands out as the most loyal, with the lowest share of outclicks (clicks on jobs outside their current sector) by jobseekers at 38 per cent. Technology professionals in India exhibit a strong inclination to remain in their current roles, likely due to the competitive salaries and benefits associated with these positions.

While the technology sector showcases remarkable loyalty, specific job roles within the sector exhibit varying levels of resistance to career switches. The top job roles with the lowest outclick rates include Ruby on Rails Developer (11.04 per cent), iOS Developer (12.08 per cent), Release Engineer (12.19 per cent), and JavaScript Developer (12.23 per cent).

Alongside the tech sector, several other industries also exhibit high levels of career switch resistance. The healthcare sector, particularly nursing (40.58 per cent), witnesses professionals displaying remarkable loyalty. Human resources (45.93 per cent), architecture (49.07 per cent), and media (49.27 per cent) are additional sectors where professionals demonstrate a significant degree of contentment and dedication to their roles.


Saumitra Chand, career expert at Indeed India said, “The attractiveness of different occupations likely reflects varying combinations of pay, flexibility and barriers to entry. The ‘stickiest’ jobs tend to be specialised ones where workers have invested considerably in gaining specific skills and experience. 

Conversely, some job roles don’t see much loyalty. These include roles like call center team lead, airport executive, applicator, which have more than 99 per cent share of outclicks. These roles are often characterized by relatively low pay and less favorable working conditions, explaining their lower retention rates.

Professionals considering a career switch find roles in healthcare, technology, and the food industry particularly attractive. Among the top fifteen job titles with the highest interest from workers in other occupational categories are healthcare roles such as senior staff nurse, physiotherapist, x-ray technician, and senior optometrist.

In today’s tight labour market where skill and talent shortages are common, attracting and retaining staff is key. 

“Job switching rates vary considerably across occupations, with certain roles presenting greater challenges than others. Those looking to boost retention need to be mindful of the sectors they are more likely to lose staff to and consider what they can do to better meet their workforce's needs better,” added Saumitra. 

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