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23 Start-Ups Selected For AIC T-Hub's Sustainability Cohort

Atal Innovation Mission and NITI Aayog have partnered with T-Hub to set up AIC T-Hub Foundation focusing on healthcare, mobility, semiconductor and sustainability sectors

23 Start-Ups Selected For AIC T-Hub's Sustainability Cohort
POSTED ON August 10, 2023 9:47 PM

Technology Hub (T-Hub) has launched the second cohort of Atal Incubation Center (AIC) T-Hub’s sustainability program to foster innovation and drive sustainable solutions across the sector. The cohort, comprising 23 cutting-edge start-ups, will undergo a 100-day intensive program to foster solutions to pressing sustainability challenges. 

The selected start-ups for the current cohort will focus on key areas such as agricultural sustainability, environmental conservation, solid waste management, climate technology, alternative fuels, green manufacturing and renewable energy.  

Out of 400 applicants, 24 start-ups were selected based on their viable prototypes, commercialisation pathways, a minimum monthly revenue of Rs 1 lakh, and a strong founding team with relevant expertise, ensuring the potential for substantial impact.  

Through Hyderabad-based T-Hub's network, start-ups will connect with mentors, domain experts, and fellow founders while also gaining access to government compliance assistance, advanced technology facilities, and essential information about grants and incentives.  

Furthermore, it will create opportunities for potential partnerships with multinational companies (MNCs) and investment networks, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful ecosystem for the start-ups' future growth and success. 

Mahankali Srinivas Rao, CEO of T-Hub said, “With the launch of our second cohort of AIC T-Hub's sustainability program, we continue to cultivate a culture of innovation and drive towards sustainable solutions. AIC T-Hub programme embodies our unwavering commitment to fostering growth, propelling start-ups into a future defined by impactful transformation.” 

The current cohort commenced on August 3, 2023 and will run until November 10, 2023, providing a dynamic environment for start-ups to accelerate their growth, refine their strategies, and access the resources needed for success.

The previous cohort of start-ups in the AIC T-Hub Sustainability Program made a significant impact, with 14 start-ups securing over Rs 3 Crore in grants and investment, forming over 140 market connections, benefiting from 20 mentors, accessing more than 17 pilot opportunities, and garnering over 15 recognitions and awards. 

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