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New Relic Published 2023 Observability Forecast Report

According to the research, organisations in India are challenged with tool sprawl

New Relic Published 2023 Observability Forecast Report
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POSTED ON September 18, 2023 11:09 AM

New Relic has published the 2023 Observability Forecast report. This year’s report surveyed 1,700 technology professionals across 15 countries, to understand the current state of observability, the areas with the most and least amount of growth, and the external forces influencing spending and adoption.

Respondents from the country report a median annual outage cost of 62.79 million, with almost three quarters (74 per cent) saying that the time taken to resolve these outages improved after adopting observability solutions. A vast majority of C-suite executives in India, including 77 per cent of technical-focused leaders and 74 per cent of less technical-focused leaders, were advocates for observability.

According to the research, organisations in India are challenged with tool sprawl. They used more tools than any other country by a wide margin with almost three quarters (72 per cent) using over 10 tools for observability. 51 per cent respondents say they prefer a single, consolidated platform and highlighted too many monitoring tools as the biggest challenge to achieving full-stack observability. Additionally, a third of Indian organisations (33 per cent) say they plan on consolidating their tools next year to maximise the value of their observability spend. 

“Tool sprawl and data silos are largely impacting Indian organisations’ ability to reduce downtime and the costs attached to it,” said Peter Marelas, chief architect, APJ, New Relic. “The Observability Forecast reveals that 43 per cent of businesses in India have siloed telemetry data, creating blindspots in monitoring and maintaining system health. It’s clear that full-stack observability can help resolve some of the most pressing challenges that are facing Indian organisations.”

One of the report’s key takeaways is that organisations that achieve full-stack observability improve service-level metrics, particularly mean time to repair (MTTR) and mean time to detect (MTTD) and get the most out of their investments.

New Relic and ETR surveyed 1,700 technology professionals in 15 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. Of the respondents, 65 per cent were practitioners (developers and engineers) and 35 per cent were information technology decision-makers (C-suite executives and non-executive managers). The survey was conducted in March and April 2023 by the research firm ETR. 

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