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Embibe Partners With Uttar Pradesh Govt To Offer Free NEP-Aligned Learning To State Public Schools

The edtech will help improve the learning outcomes of 4,03,42,596 students from over 46,000 basic schools and 137,194 students from over 7,000 Madhyamik Shiksha Schools across Uttar Pradesh

Embibe Partners With Uttar Pradesh Govt To Offer Free NEP-Aligned Learning To State Public Schools
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POSTED ON October 31, 2023 5:04 PM

The Uttar Pradesh Basic Education and Secondary Education Departments have signed a non-financial MoU with Embibe to accelerate the achievement of Nipun Bharat goals for UP. It chose Embibe for its interactive content library and artificial intelligence (AI) led personalisation to ensure the achievement of better classroom teaching, student learning as well as learning outcomes enhancement in science, math and social science across over 55,000 schools.

The Uttar Pradesh Government is making substantial investments to install 40,000 smart classrooms in Upper Primary schools, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Labs at 880 blocks within Block Resource Centers (BRCs) and distributing 2,09,863 tablets to each primary school (2 per school). This investment, as well as this MoU, is aimed at making education more accessible and engaging for students in the state.

Embibe's AI-led classroom content powered by proprietary technology that allows for detailed tracking of lesson effectiveness will be used to power smart classrooms across the state. Students and teachers will also benefit from self-learning apps, which include technology that works even on low bandwidth and augmented reality for the masses accessible without investments in expensive infrastructure. Virtual experiments are designed to foster the pedagogy of learning by making education more interactive and effective. 

Commenting on the partnership, Aditi Avasthi, Founder and CEO of Embibe, said, “Building an edtech platform and content capable enough to help realise the scale of the UP Government’s vision of Nipun Bharat has been a personal lifelong dream and possible only through 11 years of unwavering commitment. We will ensure the innovation and adaptation needed to achieve last-mile impact.”

This partnership with the Uttar Pradesh government will take Embibe’s footprint to 104,464 schools across 25 states across India, covering 596,250 teachers and 17,097,362 students.

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