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Survey Shows Strong Audio Appeal: 81% Listen Daily, Reflecting Ongoing Popularity

The survey revealed that 84 per cent audio series listeners migrated at the cost of online music, social media, short videos, video OTTs, audiobooks, and podcasts

Survey Shows Strong Audio Appeal: 81% Listen Daily, Reflecting Ongoing Popularity
POSTED ON December 12, 2023 4:17 PM

Pocket FM, the platform for audio series, has shared the results of its latest survey on how people consume entertainment. The survey, done every three months across India, looks into what people like, how they behave, and what they think about different types of digital entertainment on the internet.  

This year’s survey revealed that the people are still into audio content, with 81 per cent listening to it every day. Most listeners love stories, and many listen because it's convenient or has diverse content. Many use their smartphones (71 per cent) for listening, but some also use tablets, smart TVs, and desktops (29 per cent). Drama is the top genre, followed by suspense, romance, sci-fi, and comedy. 

The survey encompassed a diverse cross-section of the Indian population, with a total sample size of 22,442 internet users, conducted between 28th October 2023 and November 15, 2023. Regarding gender distribution, the respondents comprised 69 per cent males and 30 per cent females.  

Shorter episodes (5-15 minutes) are popular for 40 per cent of listeners, while 35 per cent prefer slightly longer ones (15-30 minutes). Interestingly, 93 per cent want audio content turned into videos, like TV shows or movies, the survey added. 

Audio isn't just for entertainment; 44 per cent use it for stress relief, 30 per cent for better focus, and 26 per cent to avoid distractions. Trust matters for content selection, with 42 per cent relying on platform recommendations. Word of mouth is crucial, with 42 per cent trusting friends' suggestions, it added. 

It has been revealed that the audio series are the top pick, with 74 per cent giving 5-star ratings. Some users shifted from online music, social media, and video streaming to audio series, showing a change in entertainment habits. Only 16 per cent feel they spend more time on entertainment because of audio. 

Monetisation is changing too, with 37 per cent willing to pay for individual episodes, while 40 per cent still prefer ad-supported models. Overall, people love audio content for various reasons, and it's shaping the way we consume entertainment. 

Speaking on the findings of its second edition of Digital Entertainment Insights, Rohan Nayak,  CEO and co-founder, Pocket FM, said, "The outcome of the survey reflects a remarkable shift in consumer content consumption preferences, signalling the rise of audio as a dominant force in the entertainment landscape. Audio is not merely a trend, but it has become a lifestyle, driving engagement that exceeds any other entertainment medium. The findings strongly suggest that audio series is set to dominate audio entertainment, and we believe, it will emerge among the top 3 entertainment formats in the next couple of years.”  

“As we welcome this audio revolution as an opportunity, we are committed to leading the way into a future where audio takes centre stage in the hearts and minds of millions of audiences across the world,” added Nayak. 

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