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Norton Releases Cyber Safety Insights Report 2023

The study was conducted online within India by Dynata on behalf of Gen from August 17th to September 4th, 2023, among 1,008 adults ages 18 and older

Norton Releases Cyber Safety Insights Report 2023

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POSTED ON November 03, 2023 2:03 PM

Norton has released its latest Cyber Safety Insights Report. As the holiday season approaches, a recent survey of Indian consumers reveals intriguing insights into holiday shopping trends, security practices, and concerns. Conducted by Norton, this survey sheds light on the behaviours and priorities of Indian holiday shoppers. 

While many Indians are willing to take risks during festive season shopping, the Norton survey also reveals many Indians are taking general precautions with their online safety:  

  • 88 per cent check ratings for online sellers before making purchases 

  • 85 per cent investigate the digital security of devices 

  • 82 per cent assess a company's social media presence for authenticity 

  • 76 per cent abandon purchases on non-authentic websites 

  • 73 per cent prefer to pay through third-party payment providers like PayPal 

  • 71 per cent avoid making purchases on public or unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

"As we embark on another festive season, it's crucial to remember that our online safety should remain at the forefront of our minds. With most consumers planning to shop online, it's imperative that we stay vigilant and prioritize security. The digital landscape offers fantastic deals and convenience, but it also presents potential risks.By taking precautions, such as using trusted security software and verifying the authenticity of websites and sellers, we can enjoy the festive season with peace of mind,"said Ritesh Chopra, India director at Norton.  

An overwhelming 96 per cent of Indian consumers plan to engage in holiday shopping. When it comes to securing high demand gifts this season, Indian shoppers are willing to take risks and spend money. According to the survey: 

  • 30 per cent are ready to spend more than the market value by Rs 4,000

  • 41 per cent are willing to spend over three hours searching online 

  • 37 per cent say they’d share their personal information to get the gift, and  

  • Many would do things to put their security at risk, with 19 per cent wiling to purchase from a questionable website, 31 per cent willing to buy from a questionable third-party and 18 per cent even willing to buy something on the Dark Web 

The study was conducted online within India by Dynata on behalf of Gen from August 17th to September 4th, 2023, among 1,008 adults ages 18 and older. Data are weighted where necessary by age, gender, and region, to be nationally representative.

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