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Space-Saving Furniture 'Waller Systems' Raises Undisclosed Amount In A Seed Round

Space-Saving Furniture 'Waller Systems' Raises Undisclosed Amount In A Seed Round
Wallter System's CEO, Bhanushree Natekar
POSTED ON August 04, 2023 2:43 PM

Bangluru-based Wallter Systems has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed round led by Inflection Point Ventures. The furniture brand will use this fund to strengthen its brand as well as scale up its operations.

Wallter System is a space-saving furniture brand that addresses the growing need for solutions in the face of shrinking living spaces caused by urbanisation and population growth. Recognising the demand for multifunctional furniture that combines practicality with style, it claims to offer versatile, durable, and aesthetically pleasing options.

An engineer by profession, Bhanushree Natekar, CEO and founder of the company, brings innovative solutions and deeply understands the challenges associated with limited living space. With prior experience at Shapoorji, she cultivated her skills and a passion for creating functional and stylish furniture.

Ivy Chin, partner at Inflection Point Ventures, said, “Owning a beautiful space with optimum functionality and space utilisation is every person's dream living in urban areas where homes are small in size. Having a well-designed home with multi-functional furniture eliminates the clutter and makes the house look spacious and visually appealing. This is exactly what Wallter Systems offers its innovative furniture solutions will enable homemakers to achieve their beautiful homes”.

“We are driven by a deep passion to empower people, enabling them to create more space in their homes and experience genuine freedom. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, we endeavour to establish a world-class product brand that redefines space-saving furniture and fundamentally transforms how people live. IPV has not just helped us raise funds but has been a guiding force that has impacted not just the company, but customers and employees positively," Natekar noted.

The company has added over 50,000 net usable square feet to homes at a cost that is only one-tenth of the typical expenses. It also offers offering up to 10 years of warranty on products.

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