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High Demand for BFSI, Telecom, and E-commerce Jobs Among Women in 2023: Report

The report indicated that the HR, finance, front and back office, and Marketing were top sought-after roles by women job seekers

High Demand for BFSI, Telecom, and E-commerce Jobs Among Women in 2023: Report

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POSTED ON December 21, 2023 2:07 PM

A recent report released by indicated that women jobseekers this year showed a high demand for positions in the BFSI, Telecom, and e-commerce sectors, with a significant preference for work-from-home opportunities. 

This translates to an impressive rate of 44 applications every minute. Notably, there was a 40 per cent increase in the number of women with graduate degrees or diplomas registered with the platform to apply for these roles compared to 2022, the report added. 

The report is based on an analysis of job searches by women on platform in 2023. 

The platform reported significant growth in its user base, with 6.7 million of the 13.8 million women users coming from tier 2 cities, marking a notable increase of over 33 per cent from the previous year. Cities like Chandigarh, Patna, Lucknow, Ajmer, and Vadodara witnessed a surge in female users seeking roles in various fields such as Business Development, HR, Back Office, Teaching, and Customer Support. 

In 2023, women job seekers demonstrated a balanced approach between flexibility and career dedication. Among the total job applications, 50 per cent (12 million) sought Work from Home opportunities for convenience. Moreover, 80 per cent (18 million) applied for full-time roles, signaling a shift towards prioritising career success over extra income. Notably, 1.8 million women embraced night shift roles, it added. 

It underlines the change in career aspirations in women, on the platform, 60 per cent of female job applications were for positions with salaries exceeding Rs 30,000. Notably, about 4 million applications from women were for job roles offering salaries above Rs 45,000. 

Additionally, the data revealed that a substantial 13.5 million applications were directed toward managerial or higher-level roles.  

Nirmit Parikh, founder and CEO, commented, “The increasing presence of women in the workforce is more about economic revitalization than just a demographic change. This goes beyond statistics, influencing family well-being and societal progress profoundly. I firmly believe that empowering women doesn't just promote personal development but also nurtures a stronger and more prosperous future for everyone.” 

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