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Non-GST Sellers Comprise 40 Per Cent Of Meesho's New Seller Registrations Since October 2023

It has welcomed over 25,000 non-GST sellers in the past two months

Non-GST Sellers Comprise 40 Per Cent Of Meesho's New Seller Registrations Since October 2023

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POSTED ON December 16, 2023 9:27 PM

E-commerce marketplace Meesho has onboarded nearly 25,000 non-GST sellers since October 2023. This move came in response to the announcement made by the GST Council that allowed e-commerce platforms to onboard non-GST sellers with a turnover of up to Rs 40 lakhs.  

In the last two months, non-GST sellers have comprised 40 per cent of Meesho's new seller registrations, coming from over 20 states, including Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. This cohort encompasses a mix of retailers and small manufacturers who were initially selling through social media platforms such as Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp along with their websites. 

These newly onboarded non-GST sellers are contributing to more than 1.3 lakh product listings. Over 80 per cent of these products are unique to Meesho, showcasing a diverse assortment that includes home decor, kitchen appliances and accessories, handmade jewellery, sarees, jute bags, fragrances and more. The GST unlock is helping fulfil customers' ever-evolving needs through a local selection of products at affordable prices. 

Megha Agarwal, CXO Business at Meesho, said, "Welcoming nearly 25,000 non-GST sellers onto our platform reinforces our efforts to foster an inclusive digital ecosystem. Committed to our goal of digitizing 10 million sellers by 2027, Meesho stands firm in driving innovation and embracing the government's historic decision to eliminate mandatory GST registration for small businesses selling online. We believe this opens up vast horizons for aspiring entrepreneurs and contributes significantly to enriching our product offerings and enhancing consumer experiences."

Vanitha Krishnamoorthy, a Meesho seller from Madurai, remarked, "As a small business in the heart of Madurai, Meesho has helped turn our dreams into achievements. In just one month, we have been able to share our unique product offerings with customers across the state. Our small business has grown thanks to Meesho's easy registration process and 0 per cent commission policy. Every click, every purchase is a testament to the impact of this move on our entrepreneurial journey."

Meesho's technology upgrades for non-GST sellers include a streamlined registration process, simplified catalogue uploads, geo-restricted product discovery, and enhanced shipping labels for transparency. In parallel, tailored educational content on the Supplier Panel and YouTube is in the works to empower non-GST sellers in navigating e-commerce and fuelling business growth

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