Sunday, October 01, 2023
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Ravi Bhushan

Founded in 2021, Guugram based FlexifyMe has grown by almost 5X in the last 12 months

The shenanigans at Byju's will hopefully put an end to the indiscriminate hiring and overspending prevalent in the edtech sector and bring the much-needed focus on profitability over glorified annualised revenue run rates

Edtech companies should step up to the plate with self-regulation and have an internal ombudsperson who can act as a sounding board for consumers

The edtech has tied up with Indore’s Member of Parliament, Shankar Lalwani, to help marginalised kids become proficient in tech, money and communications skills

The company claims that the newly-launched hub offers hybrid STEM-accredited classes based on a curriculum reviewed by an independent global curriculum advisory board

BrightCHAMPS teaching academy currently boasts nearly 2,500 teachers from 25 countries

The government should expand the scope of its online education and skill development programs in Budget 2023, actively involving private players and technology service providers in private-public partnership models, to accelerate India’s skill development...

He maintains that adopting an honest approach with parents has helped the edtech grow sustainably with a healthy runway of several years despite the ongoing funding winter

As Director of Curriculum and Learning Experiences, Sharma has been tasked with upgrading and augmenting the edtech's curriculum and build an AI learning vertical internally

This acquisition comes on the heels of the edtech unicorn’s launch of a $100 million investment war-chest in June this year