Friday, March 01, 2024
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PolicyGPT has been built upon a sophisticated architecture called RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) powered by OpenAI’s most capable GPT model

Insurtech firms in India are adopting cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML to combat insurance fraud. However, they face unique challenges in a diverse linguistic environment and the quest for high-quality data

The survey finds that only 25 per cent of companies (out of Plum’s 3500+ customer base) have parental covers

Through Plum Business, the company will offer curated and customizable business insurance products, aiming to empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly complex and challenging landscape

The absence of a prominent leader other than Nykaa in the online space offers Reliance Retail's Tira brand sufficient headroom to position itself as a strong contender in India's burgeoning beauty and personal care industry

Current manufacturing zones within cities are either densely populated, cramped or with units with limited sizes, while those outside city limits are too distant, hence unviable

The beauty D2C start-up will collaborate with multiple NGOs to support the initiative

After investing Rs 750 crore for a series of acquisitions, Good Glamm Group's co-founders have earmarked Rs 1,000 crore raised in a Series D funding round for organic growth till they opt for an IPO

The company also launchd a new digital media collective called Humanise

Direct-to-consumer brands are banking on short videos to engage and retain consumers in the fickle world of online shopping