Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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The primary objective of this fund is to allocate capital to 5-7 promising early-stage start-ups that have demonstrated notable progress and execution over the preceding three to six months.

The Bengaluru-based start-up, Healspan will infuse the funds towards technology optimisation, talent acquisition, and growth

Zero-to-One 2.0 will provide early-stage companies with a number of advantages and support their growth and success through an outcome-driven methodology

The PedalUp Cohort is an exclusive program for startups incubated within PedalStart. It aims to empower these startups by offering them an intensive 6 week accelerator experience

This investment came under the 3rd Cohort of Evolve X where they invested in 7 start-ups in total

Incubators provide access to seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, and successful professionals who can share their insights, lessons learned, and practical advice

The 'One-to-N' programme "aims to empower these start-ups by providing them with valuable experiences and accelerating their execution along with fundraising" during the initial nine months, the Gurugram-based founders' community said in a statement

The event will be held across 11 cities on May 20, and the second leg will be held a week later