Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Lighthouse Canton

B2B manufacturing and automation start-up Groyyo specialises in providing cutting-edge solutions tailored for micro-manufacturers

The report aimed at showcasing the outcomes and prospects following the 2023 G20 summit under India's presidency

This collaborative fund, formed through a partnership between Lighthouse Canton and Nueva Capital, operates as a sector-agnostic, primarily early-stage fund

IDEAs conference series is a platform to exchange insights, consider new ways to innovate investments globally and serve as a catalyst to shape the future investment landscape

This initiative underlines the global investment company's resolve to incorporate ESG considerations throughout the lifecycle of its investments

LoanTap recently raised Rs 24 crore ($2.9 million) from Lighthouse Canton

As part of the funding, LoanTap has received one of the first cheques for its digital lending platform, LTFLoW

LC (Lighthouse Canton) Venture Debt fund expects to deploy the capital in the next two years across 35-40 companies, the statement said