Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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BetterSpace provides its psychologist-led counselling, workshops, and community engagement programs, and other initiatives aimed at solving numerous existing mental health challenges

Inito intends to offer diagnostic tests for various health concerns through a smartphone-based platform in the long run

The funds to be used mainly for fueling the company’s growth and expansion, R&D, among other strategic interventions

Sugar.fit seeks to manage and reverse diabetes through a highly consumer-centric data-driven digital health experience

Both companies have added that With the right information at hand, users can benefit from personalized health assessments, symptom-specific information, self-care tips, and guidance on various health topics

GenWorks has broadened its product portfolio to encompass the entire care cycle of patients, including screening, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring

The focus of this year’s program is "access to health and nutrition"

As India CEO, Dr. Adatia would be responsible for scaling the core business to its next orbit and establishing THB as the preferred revenue acceleration technology partner for leading healthcare enterprises across the country

The start-up will utilize the capital to develop its product portfolio, expand its team and strengthen its intellectual property

The company will utilise the capital to invest in further developing its service suite, establishing a wider customer base, and expanding its talent acquisition, training, and development efforts