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Post its acquisition in May, the automobile start-up claims that it is attempting to create transparency and be more cost-effective and efficient

Raising fresh funds from LPs will be challenging for Sequoia India and SEA, now Peak XV Partners, unless it presents strong returns to the $2.85 billion fund it raised last year. This will be tough amidst a funding winter coupled with a brand spinoff that...

The VC firm has also reduced its stakes in other Indian startups amid regulatory and financial difficulties

The acquisition comes after the recent financial difficulties faced by GoMechanic. The board and shareholders with support from Stride Ventures initiated the sale process to ensure the continuity of GoMechanic's business

Unlike VCs and PEs, these permanent capital vehicles offer long-term investment options like pension funds and insurance firms and look for regular income instead of fast returns on the invested capital

One start-up after another is falling and failing on the issue of transparent leadership and ethical financial practices. A common thread in most of them is investments by Sequoia Capital. More importantly, it is Sequoia’s Shailendra Singh who is being...

How Indian start-up founders turned the tables on shrewd Indian venture capitalists

The company, which admitted to errors in financial reporting last month, said it serviced 30,000 vehicles last month, which is 70 per cent of the peak sales it achieved in July 2022

In January, GoMechanic’s co-founder Amit Bhasin admitted to errors in the company’s financial reporting following which DigiRovers filed a plea before the tribunal alleging defaults in payments

Hubilo earlier laid off 45 employees in 2022