Friday, April 19, 2024
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Garuda Aerospace

The company will also engage in collaborative research, indigenization, and product development with university faculties

The company said it is committed to training and equipping the entrepreneurs with Kisan Drones, with a vision to bolster Women Self-Help Groups over the next two years

It is one of the two companies to receive this approval

The company recently introduced its large-scale mapping drones Bhumi and Vayu by leveraging state-of-the-art drone technology

The joint partnership will enable Garuda to manufacture advanced precision drones on Indian soil for various applications

The event was held at the Hotel Crown Plaza, Chennai, showcasing the scale of the drone industry in India

The Drone Yatra 2.0 pegs to demonstrate the efficacy of drones for various agricultural users and promote their benefits to farmers across the country

Valdel, a supplier to Idea Forge and Adani-backed General Aeronautics and Vector Technics, will partner with the drone start-up to supply components

Under the partnership, Garuda Aerospace and Ninjacart would offer short-term financing options to farmers thereby enabling them to access the latest drone technology at affordable rates

They are overcoming issues like misogyny, lack of representation and diversity as well as difficulty in raising venture capital to keep flying high