Friday, April 19, 2024
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The 14-day rail yatra, organised in collaboration with Jagriti Sewa Sansthan, Start-up 20, and G20, aims to foster global entrepreneurship and inclusivity

India's increasingly pivotal role in the global supply chain isn't just a response to the ebb and flow of the festive season; it's a reflection of broader industry trends

Brazil can simplify bureaucratic procedures to reduce barriers faced by start-ups during its presidency of the Start-up20 Engagement group next year

Its playbook could help other G20 member nations lacking the scale or number of start-ups required to reach the 1 per cent GDP target within the next six years

They can help India carefully navigate the delicate balance between advancing its economic interests and fostering socio-economic development in recipient countries through loans

The G20’s initiatives can be the lynchpin that not only uplifts the MSME sector but also contributes to the formalisation of India’s broader economy

Apart from the investment of Rs 8.4 Crore, Leverage Edu will hire locals for its Lagos-headquartered operations

Dr Singh was addressing the gathering after inaugurating the Science 20 (S20) Conference under the aegis of G20

The world is flushed with funds looking for well-structured good projects, he pointed out

Delegates from more than 15 countries participated in the meeting that started on Saturday