Friday, December 01, 2023
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The success of Delhi's ambitious target for cab aggregators to shift to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030 hinges on overcoming challenges related to infrastructure, costs and incentives

While government support in the form of subsidies, taxes and policy reforms is instrumental, the responsibility of propelling this transition rests on the shoulders of the industry itself

The Indian government's aspirations to transition to electric mobility are not mere conjectures; they are solidified targets

He will guide and assist the PaaS start-up in driving innovation, leading growth efforts, establishing strategic partnerships and developing global oversight for the business

The perception that upper-income households predominantly purchase electric vehicles as secondary vehicles can be attributed to its high upfront cost

This proprietary energy stack could make EVs 30 per cent more affordable with 15-minute rapid charging an on-road reality

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It offers EV fleets 94 per cent to 96 per cent accuracy on performance metrics whilst providing valuable insights into battery usage patterns

The operations are currently being rolled out in Bangalore and Hyderabad and will be scaled to pan India in the next six months

In the EV segment, standards are being developed for specific requirements for electric power trains and rechargeable electrical energy storage systems for certain categories of vehicles, electric rickshaws and type approval of hybrid electric vehicles