Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Breakthroughs in lithium-ion technology, coupled with innovations in materials science, promise to deliver batteries that are more energy-dense and cost-effective

The funding will further the development and production of Prismatic Li-ion NMC batteries that operate safely in high temperatures and support fast-charging

They believe this extension will ensure sustained momentum for the sector by emphasising on holistic ecosystem development rather than focusing on buyer incentives alone

Driving into the lane of Uber and Ola, with its ride hailing cab service, Rapido will start with 0 per cent commission, transitioning to subscriptions, which it hopes will help it garner higher customer loyalty

EV batteries dominate the patent landscape with 5765 publications

Through this collaboration, Lectrix customers can rely on ReadyAssist's skilled mechanics, available 24/7, for swift and efficient support

Start-ups must prioritize creating value over chasing valuations. Business models should be designed to address real problems rather than solely pushing technology

The move will enable students to access sustainable modes of transportation that will reduce their dependence on fossil fuel-run vehicles

The EV start-up company hopes to establish its base across 12 states in India

Globally, the electric car market has hit the 10 million mark and 18 per cent of the new cars sold are electric, he said