Monday, March 20, 2023
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According to the CleverTap’s Fintech Benchmark Report, the average stickiness quotient for fintech apps is 22 per cent, which is high compared to other app genres, indicating nearly one-quarter of MAUs consistently return to their fintech apps

Regional languages have been added to the voice assistance, app explainers and live chat functions

Crypto assets are self-referential instruments and do not strictly pass the test of being a financial asset because it has no intrinsic cashflows attached to them

Explaining it, Das said the bigger macro reason for banning them is that cryptos have the potential to and the characteristics of becoming a means of exchange; an exchange of doing a transaction

The company will also shut down several projects

Various options are being considered internationally in this context, RBI said

WazirX said it is cooperating with the ED by providing it with information and documents of the companies being investigated

The crypto lending platform said that despite its cooperation, the ED had frozen its assets to the tune of Rs 2,040 million