Monday, May 29, 2023
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Corporate Governance

With growing number of corporate governance issues, Basu explains the need to differentiate between intentional fraud and misgovernance arising out of mistakes

Eugene Karthak and S Vishvanathan join slice’s parent company Garagepreneurs Internet Private Limited (GIPL) as Independent Director and Advisor respectively

Sequoia Capital’s powerful MD has an unenviable image in India’s start-up sector. However, the controversies surrounding many investee companies have brought into focus the role and games VCs play in the start-up ecosystem

One start-up after another is falling and failing on the issue of transparent leadership and ethical financial practices. A common thread in most of them is investments by Sequoia Capital. More importantly, it is Sequoia’s Shailendra Singh who is being...

Corporate governance and its relevance at a start-up depend on the founder, according to Sanjeev Bikhchandani, co-founder of Info Edge, a pure-play internet company.

The recent blow-ups in many start-ups are a result of the founders' vanity and their failure to understand the basic obligation of public shareholding