Monday, April 15, 2024
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Banks and fintechs are focusing on elevating customer experience by addressing inherent needs: comparing options, faster delivery, and hyper-personalized solutions. Three futuristic banking models explore these requirements.

Godrej Capital has partnered with trusted brands like Amazon Global Selling, Onsurity, Zolvit and MSMEx to provide solutions around core challenges faced by MSMEs and will look to enhance its partner network in the near future

The start-up’s pilot ‘Collection Product’ used a tailored and personalised approach to help a Financial services leader achieve a 10% jump in the collection efficiency of loans

According to the CleverTap’s Fintech Benchmark Report, the average stickiness quotient for fintech apps is 22 per cent, which is high compared to other app genres, indicating nearly one-quarter of MAUs consistently return to their fintech apps

Money Lessons is a graphic novel, which covers topics such as the evolution of money, different kinds of money, banking, value, spending, saving, borrowing, investing, exchanges, currencies, demand, supply and more

The primary aim of this branch is to provide end-to-end support to start-ups at every stage of their journey, says Dinesh Khara, chairman of SBI

The partnership will enable YES Bank to provide customers with tailor-made financial solutions

The fintech also launched Thoth, a no-code artificial intelligence platform that allows business users to build advanced machine-learning models within six hours

In addition to giving a transparent view of loans to all parties, the system will reduce operational challenges and costs and help the credit market grow fast with the operationalization of co-lending