Friday, April 19, 2024
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Hexagon utilised advanced software and hardware, such as 3D scanning and geospatial mapping, to generate 10.7 billion data points for the landmark's digital representation.

Survey Reveals 80 per cent of Business Leaders Prioritize Integration of AI-Enhanced Advanced Analytics

India respondents, comprising 62 per cent, anticipate significant changes in the skills required for their jobs over the next five years, surpassing the global average of 36 per cent.

This comprehensive solution encompasses five distinctive offerings tailored to address the multifaceted challenges of Responsible AI implementation

SenseAI Fund I plans to invest in 18-20 AI-first start-ups, focusing on early-stage companies

The report revealed that 89 per cent of IT Buyers found ESG goals more difficult to meet as a result of upgrades to their IT infrastructure for AI adoption

NeevCloud aims to solve fundamental customer problems in India related to accessibility, environmental impact, support, self-reliance, and fostering innovation in cloud and AI technologies

It offers EV fleets 94 per cent to 96 per cent accuracy on performance metrics whilst providing valuable insights into battery usage patterns